Ideas for Hens Night!

Hens parties are very old very tradition in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia. It is organized for the women who are about to getting married. It is very similar to bachelor parties. It is a wholesome entertainment party organized for the bride and her friends. The basic idea behind hens party is to enjoy the last day of girl freedom before wedding. The basic ingredients in these parties are drinks, games and exotic dancers. Sometime it is based on some themes also.  Although most of time these parties are wild and but not every bride love these kind of wild party. Actually brides love to enjoy the party with different games. Some of the famous hen night games are dare dice and cards. These are enjoyable and daring games for the friends. Another interesting game for hens party is Bridal Pictionary. It is a kind of game in which you have to draw different pictures asked by the opposition.

These all games are exciting but the most wild game for Hens night is jelly wrestling. It is a kind of game in which girls grab each other in the bath tub with full of artificial jelly. These kinds of games are wild and give more fun and energy to the party people. Although dress code is not compulsory in these kind of gathering but if you fix any dress code with some T-Shirts then it gives more color to your group.

Finally, if you want to make your Hens night memorable then tries to make it unique and wild with different spots and games.

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